How To Spot A Fake Ichiro Suzuki 1993 BBM Rookie

The Ichiro Suzuki 1993 BBM rookie card is one of the most popular Ichiro cards out there.  Since it is so popular many people try to sell fake ones.  Below are some tips to help you identify the fakes.


Real card will be on the top in all pictures.  Bottom will be the fake.


The fake version always has a spottier printing pattern than the real one.  You can see more print spot artifacts in the counterfeit when looking closely with the naked eye, especially in the area just to the right of where Ichiro is standing, and things tend to be less sharp in general.


You can see the spots more clearly here, with the BBM logo:



You can also see it quite clearly here in Ichiro’s face on the front of the card:



His name on the front also tends to be a bit more bloated and a little blurry on the counterfeit. You can see this with the naked eye, so be aware of this. Additionally, the black lettering “BLUEWAVE 51” is slightly larger and bolder on the counterfeit. Here it is blown up:



The ORIX Blue Wave logo on the front also has some bluriness and more bleed around the edges on the counterfeit. This is also visible with the naked eye under close scrutiny, and can be seen more clearly when blown up:



Additionally, the back ORIX Blue Wave logo is lighter in color on the back, in addition to the printing spot patterns being different again. The difference in logo strength can be seen with the naked eye, but I’ve provided it blown up here:



4 Responses

  1. Interesting article, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

  2. Enjoy your blog…found it via google. Subscribed!


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  3. […] with these cards, though: They’re often counterfeited, which is discussed in great length here.  (H/T to Sports Card Info for that excellent […]

  4. Just wondering why you didn’t point out the obvious problem with the counterfeit:

    The name is greatly off-set to the right. The final “I” in “Suzuki” is outside the knee in the fake and near the middle of the knee in the real one.

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