Collect What You Like

There are so many people that collect things just because other people do.  If you enjoy sports card collecting, you should collect what you like, not whats popular with everyone else.  For example, many people like to open packs and boxes of Bowman products which usually is prospect oriented.  After they open the product they are always in a hurry to see if they did good.  People rush to message boards seeking other people’s opinions on what is good and bad.  It is important as a collector to think for yourself not rely on others. 

One Response

  1. I agree 100%.

    I collect Dallas Cowboys teamsets because I’m a longtime fan of the Cowboys. I’m not into chase cards, parallels, inserts, chromes, refractors, game-worn, autos, SPs, errors, etc.

    There are far too many subsets to even attempt to collect them all, even for a teamset collector like me.

    So I stick to the “base” or “regular” sets and let others spend a fortune on graded cards — I say more power to them!

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