Susquehanna Valley Mall Card Show Results

Last weekend my local mall, Susquehanna Valley Mall, had its second card show of the year.  It only had a few tables but I thought it was pretty good.  One of the local card shops in the area had a table and I checked out some of the stuff.  While I was there I purchased two boxes of 2008 Playoff Prestige football cards and a few jumbo packs of 2008 Bowman baseball cards.  The two Prestige boxes yielded a Brett Favre jersey /25, Kitna/Palmer dual jersey /250, a Favre/Brady/Brees/Romo quad jersey /250 plus a few other rookie autos and memorabilia cards.  There were a ton of insert cards too.  The two lowest numbered cards I pulled were a Eddie Royal Picks rookie /25 and a Mario Manningham Picks rookie /50.  My best hit didn’t come until the end of the day.  I put all of my serial numbered cards in holders and put everything away.  After searching eBay for 2008 Prestige card I came across a Felix Jones #139 rookie card.  I looked at the picture and thought, “I know I have seen that card before”.  So I started going through all of the base cards and found it.  I couldn’t believe that I pulled that card.  It proabably is one of the hardest cards to pull from that set and I did it in only two boxes.  What a great show!!!

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