Watch Out For Those Refractor Colors

Refractors have become one of the most collected types of cards in the hobby today.  Since they were introduced in 1993 Topps Finest baseball cards, many collectors have become hooked on finding those rare refractors of their favorite players. 

When purchasing a refractor over the internet you should be very careful.  There are a lot of different levels of refractors that have different numbering.  It is important that you know which colors have what numbering.  For example, Bowman Chrome Gold Refractors are numbered to 50, Reds are numbered to 5 or 1 etc…….  It really depends what set you are looking at.  When a seller takes a photo or scans a card that is a refractor the computer can sometimes make the card look like a different color than what it really is.  Sometimes a gold refractor can look orange, and a plain refractor can look blue.  The difference in these colors can really increase or decrease the price of the card.  This is why you should do your research before buying.  You should find out the different numbering of the refractors from a particular set before purchasing online.  There are people out there that will try to pass off a gold for and orange just to make more money.  Please be careful.

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