2006 Topps Allen and Ginter SP List

For all of you that want to collect 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter it is important that you know who the SP cards are of.  Below is a list of all of the SP cards (this list goes for regular sized cards and mini cards):

 #      Player                 Team

5      Ken Griffey Jr.      Cincinnati Reds
15     Austin Kearns     Cincinnati Reds
25     Jason Giambi     New York Yankees
35     Travis Hafner     Cleveland Indians
45     Danny Haren     Oakland Athletics
50     Alex Rodriguez     New York Yankees
51     Ervin Santana     Angels
52     Bartolo Colon     Angels
53     John Smoltz     Atlanta Braves
54     David Ortiz     Boston Red Sox
55     Hideki Matsui     New York Yankees
56     Jermaine Dye     Chicago White Sox
57     Victor Martinez     Cleveland Indians
58     Willy Taveras     Houston Astros
59     Brady Clark     Milwaukee Brewers
65     Jon Lieber     Philadelphia Phillies
85     Mike Matheny     San Francisco Giants
105     Andy Pettitte     Houston Astros
115     Greg Maddux     Chicago Cubs
125     Mariano Rivera     New York Yankees
135     David Eckstein     St. Louis Cardinals
145     Jorge Cantu     Tampa Bay Devil Rays
150     Johnny Damon     New York Yankees
151     Ryan Langerhans     Atlanta Braves
152     Kris Benson     Baltimore Orioles
153     Curt Schilling     Boston Red Sox
154     Manny Ramirez     Boston Red Sox
155     Robinson Cano     New York Yankees
156     Derrek Lee     Chicago Cubs
157     A.J. Pierzynski     Chicago White Sox
158     Adam Dunn     Cincinnati Reds
159     Cliff Lee     Cleveland Indians
165     Derek Lowe     Los Angeles Dodgers
175     Miguel Cabrera     Florida Marlins
185     Tom Glavine     New York Mets
205     Brett Myers     Philadelphia Phillies
215     Michael Young     Texas Rangers
235     Shawn Chacon     New York Yankees
245     Matt Holliday     Colorado Rockies
251     Josh Barfield     San Diego Padres
255     Matt Cain     San Francisco Giants
256     Josh Willingham     Florida Marlins
265     Brian Bannister     New York Mets
285     Yogi Berra     New York Yankees
295     Jim Leyland     Detroit Tigers
305     Danica Patrick     Indy Car Driver
315     Jerry Bailey     Jockey
325     John Lackey     Angels
335     Queen Victoria     Queen of England
345     John Rockefeller     Businessman

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