Choose your grader wisely

If you are new to collecting it can be very confusing when you see all the different grading companies.  Personally, I only trust a few of them: PSA, SGC, and BGS.  You will see other companies such as GEM, Pro, WCG, etc……  Companies such as those are not very reliable and have been known to have a hand in taking part in the largest counterfeiting ring of all time.  GEM grading will give almost any card that comes through the front door a 10.  If you took that card to BGS it would proabably get a 7 or 8.  Many of these second rate graders have even accepted money for giving cards higher grades.  PSA, SGC, and BGS are the best grading companies in the world.  It is very hard for a counterfeit card to get slabbed by them.  Just because a grading company is cheaper doesn’t make it better.

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