They can’t make a fake Iron Man card. Or can they?

Cal Ripken, Jr is one of the best to ever play the game.  He has some of the most collectible cards on the market.  Some of his most valuable Ripken cards don’t even feature him in the classic O’s uniform.  Many collectors are after his minor league cards.  Ripken’s 1981 WTF Rochester Red Wings card was produced by a college student to help pay for school.  Only 1,800 sets were produced not including the 50 uncut sheets.  Another favorite of collectors is his 1980 WBTV Charlotte minor league card.  These two sets of cards could be purchased back in the 80’s for only a couple of bucks.  Now those sets go for a ton because of what Ripken did.  Of course, since many collectors want these cards some people have found ways to make counterfeits.  While searching the internet I found a website that has a lot of info about Ripken, Jr and his minor league cards.  They supply a ton of information about how to spot fake Cal Ripken, Jr minor league cards.  I think it is important for any collector to read.  The site is titled “Ripken in the Minors“.  We don’t want Ripken fans purchasing these valuable cards and having them end up being fake. 

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