Topps Tek – Hardest set to put together?

Back in 1998 collectors were introduced to a product called Topps Tek.  These were not just your average type of baseball cards.  The was something like a 90 card set, each card having a variety of different patterned backgrounds to collect.  These cards were also see through which was pretty cool for the time.  If I’m correct, there were 90 different patterns for each player which, means the entire set consisted of 8,100 cards.  Some of these cards were numbered to only 10.  Back in 1998 having a card numbered to 10 was huge.  I never really opened a whole bunch of it but my favorite card that I did pull out was my Scott Rolen card.  I still think that these were some of the coolest cards around. 

In my opinion, the Topps Tek sets have to be some of the hardest ones for a collector to put together.  I know there are vintage collectors out there that have an extremly hard time finding some old cards, but the Topps Tek set has to be up there with some of the hardest sets of all time.  With me being a Phillies fan, Topps Tek has some coolest Phillies cards which include a Pat Burrell in the 1999 Topps Tek set.  I would love to pick up a 1999 Topps Tek Pat Burrell rookie #’ed/10, but they are so hard to find.  Also, whats cooler than having a card you can see through?

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  1. I am looking for the following patterns for Mike Mussina
    1998 topps tek:

    If you, or anyone you know, can help it would be greatly appreciated

  2. I’m a fan and collector of Topps Tek, and thought I would clarify some points for you. The first Topps Tek set in 1998 featured 90 players, and each card had 90 patterns. Each pattern also had a “diffractor” version, that looks like a stained glass window effect. So each player really had 180 different cards. The diffractors are very tough to locate, but are not numbered.

    1999 Topps Tek, which is the card image you show, featured a 90 player base checklist. Each player had 60 variations (30 each in home and away jerseys). Each of those patterns had a Tek Gold variation, which was numbered to 10. So each player had 120 different variations.

    If you want to see what all the base patterns look like for 1998 or 1999 Tek, I have one of each for Mark Grace, plus several Diffractor and Tek Gold examples. You can see them by following the links on

    Regards, Brad W.

  3. I have a Pat Burrell card 08/10. Its card 36B P-10. Let me know if you’re interested.

  4. i am looking for Ivan Rodriguez 1998 Topps Tek cards Pattern #5 … #’s 12,37,38,62,64,67,70,73,80,81,86,87 … these i need to complete the (90) card Ivan Rodriguez Tek set … please help if you have any … thank you … 7-rayos … Ismael

  5. I have a cal ripken 1999 topps tek car 25B P-12 and i cant seem to find it anywhere else online


  7. I have the andres galarraga gold variation /10 currently at bgs for grading. Absolutely cannot find the card online let alone value. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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