Bowman Originals – are they true rookie cards too?

About 2 years ago Topps introduced a product called Bowman Originals.  Each factory sealed box contained 6 pack with 7 cards per pack, and there were 2 autographed card in every pack.  Each autographed card came in an encased uncirculated holder with a seal across the top from Topps.  Each autographed card was an original rookie card from the past that had been signed by the player.  My question for you is this.  Do these cards count as rookies?  A lot of the autographed cards aren’t from the year this product was released, but the cards themselves are not reprints.  The cards were made in the past, but signed when this product began production.  If these cards were reprints, the product would not be called Bowman Originals. 

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