Card companies making errors on purpose?

Do you think that a card company would make an error card on purpose?  Lets see what happens when collectors find out there is an error card in a product.  People go crazy, search for more information about that specific product, and then go buy a lot of it hoping they too can pull that popular card.  Error cards mean more sales for the company.  It happens every single year, and collectors act surprised every time.  A lot of the times these “errors” pop out of products like 2008 Topps.  A product that is meant for set collectors.  I think that they put these “errors” in a huge set like this because they can use the excuse that, “Its a large set, and there is bound to be some errors to get out”.  They do this because it brings a ton of attention to a product that may not be as popular as another where you can get a lot of hits.  Recently, these cards haven’t really been errors.  Its not like they forgot to take something out of the picture.  Its more like, they made a card that shouldn’t have been made…….. at all.  I can understand small things here and there in a large set, but why would you make a card that wasn’t meant for the set in the first place.  I think card companies are starting to play mind games with collectors.  Collectors have had enough with these gimmick cards.

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  1. The world is a sham

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