Scott Rolen Blue Jays Cards

I have not seen any Scott Rolen autographed or memorabilia cards yet in his Blue Jays uniform.  I have been a really big fan of Rolen for quite sometime since he was signing autographs at the first card show I ever went to.  It was back in 1996-97 when Rolen was just working his way up the minor league system and I was just getting into collecting.  I heard there was a card show at the mall and I decided to go.  I didn’t really know what to expect since I had never been to one before.  When I got there I saw a bunch of tables and dealers.  Before I browsed the show I wanted to get my baseball signed by Scott Rolen.  As I walked back towards the end of the line, one of the people working at the mall and helping to prepare for Rolen to sign told me to wait near the front of the line and I could go first.  I was so excited!!!  I saw Rolen walk in and everyone was so happy that he was there.  Before he even sat down to sign autographs he came over to me and signed my ball.  He asked, “Would you like me to put your name on the ball?”, I said, “No thanks, your signature alone is fine”.  After that, I looked around the show for awhile and picked up some packs.  At that time I would pick up old packs from the late 80’s to early 90’s for some reason.  It was a great first show experience.  I really hope they start to make some Rolen autos and memorabilia cards in his Blue Jays uniform.  I have only seen a few cards of him in his Blue Jays uniform, 2008 Topps Heritage, and 2008 Bowman.  I bet they could make some sick multi-colored Blue Jays patch.

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