Does Anyone Else Miss Topps Tribute?

Topps Tribute was one of my favorite brands of cards.  Topps made this brand of cards from 2001 – 2004.  These were a one pack thrill if you were willing to spend the $50.00 per pack price tag.  In my opinion, these had to have been some of the most beautiful cards that Topps ever produced.  In ever pack you were guaranteed a memorabilia and/or autographed card.  The 2001, 2002, and 2004 sets consisted of Hall of Famers and no rookies.  In 2003 Topps made a set called Topps Tribute Perennial Edition which featured retired and Hall of Fame players and they produced a product called Topps Tribute Contemporary Edition which contained cards of modern day players.  All of these cards were very shiny and had a refractor like finish.  The 2001 Topps Tribute set contains one of the first memorabilia cards of Honus Wagner.  The 2003 Topps Tribute Contemporary Edition has some great first year cards as well.  My personal favorite is the Hanley Ramirez autographed first year card gold version numbered to 25.  Another reason why these cards are one of my favorites is because I pulled out of a pack of 2004 Topps Tribute Cut Signature Edition the Willie Mays 1/1 Cut Auto.  That was the biggest and most valuable pull I have ever received.  I really wish Topps would bring back this product. 

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