You just pulled a 1/1 hair cut signature card………

And now you have to wait.  This past week Upper Deck released their 2008 UD SP Legendary Cuts baseball product.  It didn’t take long for a collector in California to pull the George Washington 1/1 DNA Relic Cut Signature card.  That sounds great doesn’t it?  After reading about the pull on the Beckett Message Boards I found out something interesting.  Upper Deck’s new hair cut signature 1/1 cards of famous Americans are inserted as redemption cards.  I was so surprised when I saw this.  What?  George Washington didn’t have time to sign the card?  Is Babe Ruth too busy shooting his new Nike commercial to sign?  When looking at Upper Deck’s press release it doesn’t say anything about being inserted as a redemption card.  Who knows how long people will have to wait for these?  If I were to pull one of these out, I would sell that redemption so fast.  They look like awesome cards, but I didn’t know there was a little catch.  The only reasonable excuse I can see Upper Deck doing it this way is that maybe they wanted to protect these cards.  But in the past Upper Deck has inserted high end cards in their products that weren’t redemptions.

4 Responses

  1. upper deck, issued redemptions for the 1/1 historical Dual Mystery cuts. and they are being issued!! I wouldn’t over react to the redemption process!! I think it is better served as a Redemption!! The cards are Mailed directly to you in a Protective card holder. No accidental dinging when removing it from the cellophane. Believe me My Dual Historical Cut is pristine!!! and Worth the Wait!!

  2. The card is absolutly magnificant. Upper deck did a great job of getting the card out to me as soon as the topps issue was sesolved. card is in mint condition and upper deck did a great job with this.

  3. I pulled the cut sig/DNA hair of geronimo…..never in my life so happy…beckett has offered to make it the headlining product in their next auction..and advertise it nationally..even devote a full page to it in the next beckett…I was amazed..

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