How To Spot A Fake Bobby Orr 1966 Topps Rookie #35

“The Bobby Orr RC is definitely the hardest counterfeit to spot, as there are many different variations and very minor imperfections compared to the authentic RC.  On one batch of reprints there is a circle interupting the grid lines on the back of the card, underneath the 1965-66 text.  Other reprints will show the traditional dotted black lines, although it is not as blatant as other reprint cards.  Another area of the card you can look at for counterfeit detection is the “Bobby Orr” on the front of the card.  If the yellow text is not solid, but shows some red dots in the background, I would question the authenticity.  Overall be very careful when buying this card, it is very easy to overlook authenticity issues.”


20 Responses

  1. I have a booby orr real rookie card aand the calder trophy card, both have thumb tack hole but are in very good shape. wehat are they worth should I sell ?

  2. If you feel like selling them, I would. The tack holes won’t help the price very much.

  3. I will give you $5 for both

  4. what are you talking about?

  5. I have a graded card that was graded 2 G. The card does in fact have the little circle to the right hand of 1965 – 66 on the gridline. Did the grading company make a mistake? Is it still a possibility that it is real?

    Thanks, any help would be appreciated

  6. I will give you two hundred dollars, you can call me at 4164272619

  7. How much does a 1966 Bobby Orr card sell for and how much does a 1966 and a 1967 set sell for?

  8. where would the best place to sell them be? reply at DIRECTLY.

  9. i have a bobby orr rookie card for sell also some other email me amberlynnrose98@yahoo

  10. I have a Bobby Orr rookie card to for sale in mint condition 160 bucks

  11. I have a Bobby Orr Rookie card however, it has a tiny circle under the 66′ on the back. Is it real?

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