American Culture Influencing Baseball Card Design

Have you ever noticed how American culture sometimes carries over into the design of a baseball card?  Lets take 1955 Bowman baseball cards for example.  Look at any card from that set.  Do you see anything?  The cards are designed to look like a television.  Why do you think they did this?  I think they used this design because back in the 1950’s having a television was a new thing.  Now, if we fast forward a few decades you can see this happening again.  Does anyone remember those baseball cards that came on CD-ROM’s back in the mid to late 90’s?  I wonder why they did that?  Probably because during that time period computers we really starting to take off and everyone was getting connected to the internet.  How about the Topp’s 1991 Desert Shield set?  Because of Desert Storm Topps made a special set of cards for soldiers.  This set looks just like the regular Topps set except it has a special logo in the corner.  I wonder how future events in our country will change the way baseball cards or any sports cards look?  I guess time will only tell.

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