The Art of Opening a Pack of Cards

Opening a pack of cards today isn’t the same as it used to be.  First, you would have to buy a pack of cigarettes to get cards, and then a few decades later you could buy packs of cards wrapped in wax (don’t forget the gum inside that stains the cards after a few years).  In today’s hobby, cards come packaged in foil, plastic, clamshell casing, and even wood boxes.  Some packs of cards feel like it can take forever to get into, but there are still some brands of cards that are generally easy to open.  The more complicated the packaging is, usually means that the cards inside are of higher quality.  I have been watching a lot of people online breaking packs of cards and I have found it very interesting on how they get them open.  Some people break into them with their teeth, like it was their last meal on earth.  Others rip them open with their hands, use a pair of scissors, or use a knife.  Many people damage their cards while trying to get them out of the pack.  They tear apart the back of the pack and then try to pull the remaining wrapper over the edges.  By doing this, you can really damage the corners.  I use a pair of scissors to open my packs.  I cut off the top, and then tear the foil down the center which makes it really easy to remove the cards.  I never opened any boxes of Sport Kings last year but I really liked how those cards were packaged.  The cards were in a box, within a box, and then placed in sealed top loaders.  I think it will really be interesting to see how packs in the future compare to now.

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  1. Man! I remember that, Mowing lawns for summer $, meeting my buddies at the store, choking down some awful gum and hoping for Dale Murphy, Tony Gwynn, and George Brett. Getting 5 spring training Brewers short stops (that were already selling insurance back in their home towns) and some outfieldre I’ve never heard of. Love it!

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