Check Those Base Card Boxes

Many people wish they could go up in their attic and find an old box of baseball cards that had been forgotten hoping to find some rare cards.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that they could have treasures right in front of their eyes.  Once in awhile I will go through my many base card boxes looking to see if anything stands out to me.  As the years go by, cards that were pulled out a few years ago and just considered base, may now actually be worth something.  Am I saying that every base card’s value is going to go up like vintage cards, no, but it can be true for first year and rookie cards.  Going through some of my boxes I remember pulling out some rookie cards of players that are good now, but weren’t doing well at the time they were pulled.  Hidden treasures can be right under your nose and you may never know it unless you look.

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