$65.00 for a 1990 Pro Set Card

This was brought to my attention last night from a collector who commented on my post about the 90’s having some of the best insert cards.  He informed me about a card from 1990 Pro Set football cards that featured a hologram of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  These cards were considered super rare back in 1990.  On the back of each card they were serial numbered out of 10,000 copies.  This can give you an idea of how much overproduction took place during this time in the hobby.  Its a good sign that cards are being overproduced when a rare card is limited to 10,000 copies.  The funny thing is that this card is still selling pretty well considering the time it was made.  A recent auction for this card sold for $65.00.  Back in 1990 these cards were so popular collectors would buy boxes of this stuff by the case.  Pack searchers really came about around this time, because this card contained a small amount of metal, pack searchers would use a metal detector to find this hologram.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, that card was actually limited to a print run of 10,000 and inserted into the 1990 Pro Set Series I product at a rate of 1 per 360 or 720 packs.

  2. I was just a youngster when these came out, I bought a pack of cards for roughly .50 cents. Funny thing is I found card # 9 and 10, they were stuck together. I was so excited when i found this and couldn’t belive that I found not 1 but 2. The owner of the shop instantly offered me $10 and I said no he got all defensive and said I owed him since it was his store. I came back a few days later and he offered me $ 500, I took it, only being 11, I was on top of the world. I ending up going to a card convention and selling the other card for $400. That .50cent pack of cards paid me back almost a grand. I felt like Willy wonka.

  3. so the card could be in the 1990 pro set packs with the green packaging?

  4. Any idea if or how many of these cards are unopend? I run into a lot their packages at garage sells.

  5. I bought a few boxes of these card packs at an auction recently and have been opening the packs with my stepson. We pulled one of these Holo’s today. He was pretty excited to find this one!

    • To MTWhite…Ive been looking for one of those cards for a while,if your interested in selling it i’ll give you 60 bucks for it.

  6. 1990 Pro Set
    Does anyone have a lud Denny promo card or a steve young vice presdent of pro set promo card?

  7. I can’t believe how much these cards are selling for – i’m gonna post mine now. I bought mine on eBay a few years ago for less than $10.

    question – on the back of mine, it is hand numberd 5000 something “out of 10 M”… “M” ?? I thought they meant 10 million.. lol. .why M?? Isn’t thousand “K”..

  8. Anyone have an unopen case of Pro-Set Cards.

  9. I have an unopened green box.

  10. I have a vince lombardi trophy hologram card for sale #6,298 e-mail me if interested wdudley@twcny.rr.com

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