Card Show This Weekend

This week while driving home from school, I went past the mall and saw on the marquee out front that they are having another card show this weekend.  This is their third show this year which is great, but a little unusual.  In the past, they might have had a show once a year.  I guess these shows really bring customers into the mall.  I know that one of my local dealers will be there and always has a nice selection of single cards and boxes to buy.  I’ll be looking for some Donruss Classics boxes to break.  Thats my favorite product right now.  These shows are great for finding Phillies cards.  Last time I was at this show I found a Gary Maddox game used bat, which isn’t worth much at all but rarely shows up for sale on eBay, for only $5.00.  You never know what you might find.

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