SP Authentic Patches – A Counterfeiter’s Dream

Upper Deck SP Authentic is one of the most popular brands of cards for baseball, basketball, and football card collectors.  They have some of the best patch cards that the hobby has ever seen.  Just take a look:

That is an awesome looking card.  The signature is on card and the patch is multi-colored.  Although these cards look really nice, counterfeit card makers love this product.  Wanna know why?  Its because Upper Deck numbers these cards so high.  If you have ever seen a fake patch card for sale, the sellers usually number a patch very high.  You have to be very careful when buying SP Authentic patch cards.  Since the real patch cards are numbered high and the fake cards could also be numbered high it can be hard to determine which is real.  What some counterfeiters will do is buy a one color patch version of a card for little money, and then they will insert a fake multi-colored patch to make it more valuable.  Check the seller’s feedback to see if they have recently purchased a card like the one you are planning to buy.  One of the best ways to avoid a fake patch card is to buy one that is graded and/or certified.  SP Authentic patch cards are some of the coolest, and trickiest cards to buy.  Good luck!!!   

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