2008 Allen & Ginter Rip Card Update – WATCH OUT!

You may remember my post about rip cards and how people use flashlights to see whats inside.  Well, the 2008 version of Allen & Ginter doesn’t use the triangle foil stickers on the back of the mini autographs, but the flashlight trick still works.  I found this video of a collector finding out what was inside their rip card.  My original post is still very important, I just wanted to inform you that there is no foil sticker to see on the 2008 mini autographs that could be inside.  Apparently now you can see everything thats inside, not just whether its an autograph or not.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING THESE CARDS!!!!!!  Most likely they have been searched.

One Response

  1. i pulled a rip card of darik barton 2008 allen and ginter.while reading your blog is informative.i thryed that flash light trick and am debating whether or not to rip it.as i want atleast one of everything besides the set i have.i wouldnt buy one of ebay unless it was a low price.if a collector can see inside it and find out whats inside good i think he or she is preserving the card.unless you knew it was a mini wood or auto of someone good i wouldnt open it even if it was numbers 351-400 not worth it in my opinion

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