Fake Proof Cards

You never know what might pop up on the BMB (Beckett Message Boards).  Tonight I took a look at the baseball boards and saw a post about fake proof cards up for sale on eBay.  I couldn’t believe what I saw when I looked up “chrome proofs” on eBay.  There are people who have somehow removed the backs of any type of chrome card stock and were selling the front of the card as a proof.  Real proof cards usually don’t have any backs to them anyway, but thats because it came from the company that way.  These people have altered a perfectly normal base card to look like a proof.  One of the best ways to know that your proof is real, is to buy one that comes directly from the company or is in a graded and/or certified holder. 

One Response

  1. There are a large assortment of football Bowman Chrome 2009 PROOF (so they say) cards on ebay right now for sale. Could you help verify their authenticity? Thank You,

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