RFID solution prevents counterfeit collectibles

Source – RFIDNews

An Irving, Texas-based company is offering a new solution to guard against fraud in the lucrative sports collectibles market. Prova Group’s system uses RFID technology to provide an easily-accessed record of exactly when, for instance, a Jets jersey was inked with the Brett Favre signature which could make it valuable in coming years.

When an item of sports memorabilia is entered into the Prova Group’s records, it is affixed with a Prova Tag, an RFID-enabled tag encoded with a unique identifying information. When the item is autographed, the time, location and other information is recorded into Prova’s online database by a witnessing Prova Group representative.


One Response

  1. What do they do if I counterfeit a Favre signature and I say, “Time was ’04 at the Packers Training camp in Green Bay.”? Seems like you could still get away with it…I think its an industry of buyer beware, and if you really want it go get it yourself.

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