Pinnacle Zenith Dare to Tear

Last night I was reading a book by Dr. James Beckett called “Collecting Baseball and other Sports Cards”, and while reading the history of hockey cards I came across a list of top cards.  One that stood out to me came from a pack of 1997-1998 Pinnacle Zenith Dare to Tear, which was the first product to feature “cards within cards”.  I remember this product so well because back when it came out I subscribed to Tuff Stuff and sometimes they would include promo cards in the magazine.  One month I got a promo card of Joe Sakic from this set and within the card was an Eric Lindros normal sized card.  I wonder if this is where Topps got their idea for the “rip card”?  I miss Pinnacle and Zenith.  They had some of the coolest insert cards ever made for the hobby.


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