Very Disturbing Video

I saw this video posted on the Beckett News page.  Collector Michael Forney posted this story and the link to the video about JSA and authenticating autographs.  This is a video all collectors need to see, even though it is about a year old.  It is very disturbing for any collector to watch.  Just click the picture to view.

4 Responses

  1. Nothing really new and Earth shattering here. Though I do like the undercover “sting” type of operation these guys pull.

    Unless you SEE it autographed in person, it’s probably faked, which is why the certified autos in Upper Deck, Topps and Donruss products are as expensive as they are, these companies have more of a reputation than JSA does to ensure that their autos are real.

    Sad but true.

  2. It really is unbelievable. The “industry” has left collectors out to dry in the name of the almighy dollar.

    Truly disturbing

  3. I saw this video when it was first premiered. And a few people have already brought up some really good points about it.

    First off, it seems awfully staged. Like this person can just casually walk in there with any autograph on a ball and get it authenticated. Secondly, the guy was signing at the show so they had no reason to believe it was fake – no excuse, but still. Thirdly, its not like it was Mickey Mantle, this was kind of an obscure signature. Lastly, this is a show authenticated piece, not a mail piece. I think that can factor in on it too.

    Now, do I disagree with the point this video made back in 2007? No, most of it is probably true. Do I think the video was done unfairly? Yes, this should have been more of a controlled experiment with lots of background provided.

    Either way PSA, JSA, and BGS are solely created to make money and they dont care who they hurt to do so, alas, the point of my blog.

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