Q & A – 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter “Hot Packs”

Question: I really want to buy some hobby packs or a hobby box of the 2008 Allen & Ginter cards because it has gotten so many rave reviews; however, while browsing across eBay, I found hot packs for these types of cards. I know it takes away from the mystery of which packs will be hits in a box, but it would save tons of money by just getting hits and it would still be a surprise as to what hit. I know these already seem shady, but I would like to know just how legitimate are these?

It seems to me at first glance that these are not sealed packs and have been opened while the person selling them just puts in hits that are probably common game used type cards rather than rarer cards. Do you think this is true? Otherwise, if they somehow already know there is a hit in there by either weighing it or bending it to see the stiffness without having opened the pack, then it would still be somewhat fun and a gamble. What do you think about these hot packs? Is it a scam and a waste of money?

Answer: Hello and thanks for the e-mail.  Personally, I would stay away from any seller that has these so called “hot packs” for sale.  They are way too shady and I would not trust them, that includes the ones that look like they searched the pack without opening them.  The sellers that reseal packs most likely would put a low end memorabilia or autograph in it, but who is to say they didn’t pull out a good mini card out before resealing it.  You would probably have more luck if you bought a few regular packs.  I would suggest if you want to save money, trying to find some sealed blaster boxes that contain 7 or 8 packs that run for about $20.00.  Hope that helps.

2 Responses

  1. While being cautious is ok, I have had good luck with eBay hot packs. As long as they have 98.5% positive feed back and previous transactions of this type with positive feedback you’re probably ok and here is why.

    The following isn’t a comment on right or wrong just how its done.

    Using a highly calibrated, digital scale that can measure (2) places to the left of a decimal point of 1/100th of an ounce. A dealer, after opening a couple of boxes and determining how the hits are packaged can then easily identify how to locate the “hot packs”.

    The theory being that the bidding on a 2-4 hot packs or whatever is in the box will come close or exceed the dealers wholesale cost to purchase the box.

    Now obviuosly this can be used for evil as I caught one dealer doing. He would find the hot packs, bust them, place the “hits” in his glass case and continue to sell the packs with no chance for the collector to pull a hit.

    So buyer beware is the rule but if a seller has positive feedback on a handful or more of these transactions, I’d do it.

  2. That’s what I’m hesitant on. You never know even with the people with high feedback, they either have a) private feedback, which comes off as shady or b) have a few negatives saying not to buy form them or c) have images of the packs that seem kind of shady with the tops cut shorter than they should. You’re basically putting your faith in whoever opened the box rather than the box itself…

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