Q & A – How do I tell if a Nolan Ryan rookie is a reprint?

Question:  Can you explain to me how to tell an original Nolan Ryan rookie card from a reprint? What do I look for? Thanks.

Answer:  The Nolan Ryan 1968 Topps rookie card is one of the most popular vintage cards in the hobby today.  There are however a few reprints flying around out there that can throw off a lot of collectors, especially if they are buying one over the internet.  Topps would most likely be the company to produce a reprint of this famous card because they made the original.  Usually on a reprint, the front of the card (and sometimes the back) will have a glossy finish.  When you look at the back of the card I would look for copyright information.  On a reprint there would be a much newer date in small print.  Also, on an original the copyright date may not be given in small print on the back.  A reprint will have darker colors on the front and back.  They also are more likely to be in better condition.  The best way to know for sure that one is not a reprint is to buy one that is graded and/or certified by PSA, SGC, or BGS.

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