Cool Collectible

The Topps Vault has been selling tons of memorabilia that Topps has stored at their company for decades.  These items can range from proofs to entire uncut sheets of cards.  One type of item in particular that really caught my eye a few years ago was their signed contracts.  For years Topps has stored extension contracts signed by the players and representitives of Topps giving them permission to make cards of certain players.  A few years ago I spotted one of these contracts of a Phillie, Tom Underwood.  I purchased it for my personal collection and have it hanging in my room.  Not only does it have Tom Underwood’s signature, but it also has Sy Berger’s signature as well.  Berger is one of the most influencial people within the card industry.  He created the 1952 Topps set.  The Topps Vault always has a few contracts up for sale, which all come with COA’s from Topps.  I think they are some of the coolest collectibles any collector could have.

One Response

  1. Nice!

    One of my favorite things I have is a Topps contract. It’s Astros SS Dickie Thon’s from 1986.

    Sometimes they have canceled checks (that were player payments), I never win those auctions though…lol…my wife would kill me.

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