Pack Searching Has Corrupted Our Youth

Many people that have collected cards for years and have a lot of respect for the hobby will probably feel sick when they see this.  I found this video of a kid that admits to pack searching.  I usually hear about older people searching packs at Wal-Mart and Target, but not kids.  I guess it was bound to happen sometime.  I really wish these people would collect cards for the fun of it and just not for the hits.  They should put that energy into contributing something to the hobby instead of taking something away.  These people are just pathetic!!!!!!!!!!

4 Responses

  1. That kid seems to talk the talk too. Wonder how old he is. Anyway, I think that pack searching is just silly and wrong. People spend all that time doing it and then come up with crappy pulls. Really, are any of those cards even worth the pack price? I realize that they may get the case hit or whatever.

    I don’t buy hot packs, I only buy singles that I like. Maybe a box or two if I get a good deal to see what I can get.

    Regardless of the above. The manufacturers have to find a way to prevent this because one of these days there will be a few semi trailers worth of unopened packs that have been searched to no end that can’t even be given away. We will also find, much like we have now that you can’t find packs in retail outlets. How much longer are walmart, target, et al going to be stuck with retail product that they cant sell and then continue to stock it year after year?


  2. You have to relize that kids dont get a whole lot of money to just blow their money on base cards not worth a cent. We want autos and jersey cards they are the most exciting cards to pull and if we can get them we will. There is nothing wrong with pack feeling.

  3. Yes there is something wrong with pack searching. Its called cheating!!!

    • gimme a break, is “cheating” really your response to pack searching? R u the moral police? No one cares. I don’t pack search cause my time is worth more then that, but seriously, cheating? it sounded so gay i just had to respond..

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