Flashback Product of the Week – Sportsflics

During the mid 80’s collectors were introduced to Sportflics.  This type of technology was called “lenticular animation” which made the picture of the player move when you would tilt the card up and down.  Animation like this became very popular in the 80’s and was used for all kinds of advertisements and graphic designs.  Pinnacle/Score used a lot of this animation in some of their main products during the mid 90’s.  One of the most popular cards is the 1994 Sportsflics Alex Rodriguez rookie card.  I haven’t seen cards like this inserted into packs for awhile.  I know there are some collectors that would like to see them make a comeback.  Thanks to William from The Budget Sports Card Collector for helping me with this post.  Last night I got my info mixed up a little.



2 Responses

  1. Score/Pinnacle didn’t come up with this product, Sportflics (yes, that was the name of the company) produced baseball sets as early as 1985 with the same premise (lenticular animation).

  2. William, thanks for the info. I changed the post, gave credit to you, and posted a link to your site.

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