Topps announces Red Hot Rookie Redemption #17

#17 – Evan Longoria autograph

2 Responses

  1. wow i got this as a gift from my dad for hitting a home run in my little league game XD he said that since it was my last game before the postseason that if i hit a home run over the fence which like no one did he would give me the red hot rookie redmeption that he got but i always wanted but he got one…so he said hed give it to me if i hit a home run…so in my last at-bat it hit what had to be the highest hit in my league that season… and i got this…the best redemption in the set!!! i also have # 20…i cant wait to see what that will be:)

  2. nice man, way to go! It was a HR right?? haha….

    Kepp the Auto man! Longoria is going to be a star and that redemption AUTPOGRAPH of Longoria ( # 17) will continue to go up every year until he retires and hits the HALL OF FAME! Its like hitting a Pujols or derek Jeter before they made it big…. look how much their rookie autos are worth now! insane amounts on money its the thousands of dollars! Right now u can get almost $100 on ebay but id wait in a year to two you could easily get $200-$300!

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