Big Show This Weekend

Tomorrow I will be leaving bright and early heading towards the Greater Reading Expo Center for the 100th Philadelphia Sports Card & Memorabilia Show.  I will be taking my camera, baseball bat, and wallet.  At 1:00 p.m. Tom Herr will be signing autographs for all the collectors.  I desperately need to pick up some supplies such as top loaders, penny sleeves, and stands.  While going around the show I will be looking for and Phillies, Dolphins, memorabilia cards of old players and whatever stands out to me.  Of coarse I will be opening some wax like 2008 Leaf Certified Materials, 2008 Bowman Sterling, and 2008 Absolute Memorabilia.  Maybe I’ll pull some MOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here is a picture of Stan Bahnsen and I from the last show in March:

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  1. If you happen to run into a tall, slightly-overweight guy in a navy blue “Rated Rookie” T-Shirt; shout me a holler.

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