Flashback Product of the Week: 1992 GameDay

When I was on a trip to Ohio back in 1998 I remember stopping at a card shop and picking up a bunch of these packs because I thought they looked so unusual.  These are 1992 GameDay football cards and, well, I’m not going to be the first one to say this, but they are hard to find holders for.  GameDay cards are slightly longer than the standard trading card.  They didn’t stick around too long, only for a few years.  I think they disappeared because collectors had a hard time finding a place to keep them.  Top loaders, album pages, and standard white cardboard boxes won’t hold these cards unless you lie them down.  They are cool to look at, but this is one product I don’t see coming back anytime soon.

8 Responses

  1. I have the ’92 Gameday Cowboys teamset. These are beautiful cards. I have them in special pocket pages designed specifically for these cards.

    I don’t have the exact dimensions, but the pockets are slightly too small to hold my Cowboys police set cards. I wish somebody (Ultra?) would make pocket pages for police sets.

  2. looking for my cards with green bay

    • Paul…remember me? Your buddy from the credit union 🙂 I was going through some old files and found one of your cards from Gameday, a Packers card. Would like to get it to you. Email me so I can send it to you ok?

  3. What do you mean you were the punter? I still have some Gameday cards I think.

  4. if you have some of my cards please contact me i have been looking for some for several months now


    paul mcjulien

  5. I have the hole set 1992 gameday 36 packs 12 per pack looking to sell them all they are like new I have players like derrick thomas Jerry rice Steve bono Joe Montana emmitt smith Troy aikman Dan marino deion sanders and lots more but how much should I ask and if u want them make an offer 5015812380 ask for damien

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