I See Gold!

Recently, Topps came out with a new basketball product called Topps Treasury.  Within this product you have the chance to pull a card with an actual 14kt gold medallion inserted into a card.  I think this is an interesting idea and would like to see it spread to other sports card products.  After seeing cards with the gold piece in them, I had an interesting idea.  Have you ever checked out the eBay pulse website and see someone selling a championship ring of some kind?  It could be from a college football game, Super Bowl, World Series or any kind of championship game.  I was wondering, would a major card manufacturer ever purchase a ring like that so they could slice it up and insert pieces into cards?  I mean if they can insert gold medallions into cards why not pieces of a ring?  I bet collectors would go nuts over a memorabilia card like that.  I will admitt, it is sad to see someone selling a championship ring on eBay.  People usually sell them because they need the money.  If they are offering it for sale, I wonder why Topps, Upper Deck, or Donruss/Playoff hasn’t jumped on this opportunity yet?  

Just a quick comment on the Topps Treasury cards.  Many collectors have a significant other that may not always agree with what they purchase for their collection.  The next time you head out to your local card shop and they ask where you are going.  Just tell them your going to pickup a piece of gold jewelry for them.  

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