Topps Fan Favorites Autographs

Topps Fan Favorites has some really good on card autographs.  They feature a lot of reprinted cards from the past of some great players.  Topps Fan Favorites does leave some room for scammers to have some fun.  A lot of the cards from any of the Topps Fan Favorites sets look similiar to the originals.  Topps may have changed the photo for their Fan Favorites product and they added a foil logo to the card, but if you plan to buy a Fan Favorites autographed card over the internet I would double check before you place the bid.  Before placing the bid, make sure you read the description carefully.  Its very possible that the card you are looking at could just be an original card that the seller got signed in person.  Look for the foil logo on the front of the card to indicate if it is a Topps Fan Favorites Autograph.  Check the product’s checklist to see if that player has an autograph in the set.  Finally, ask to see the back of the card.  Topps should have a hologram sticker on the back to indicate that it is authentic.  Below is an example of how similiar the original card and a Topps Fan Favorites card look.

Original 1990 Topps

2003 Topps Fan Favorites Autograph


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