Slaves To Serial Numbers

Are there any collectors out there that can enjoy a sports card without being concerned about how low or high the serial number is?  Too many people complain that the insert they just pulled is serial numbered to 1,500 copies.  Back in the day when they started numbering cards, collectors would have killed to own a card numbered to only 1,500 copies.  One of the first insert cards that was serial numbered was an early 90’s Vince Lombardi hologram.  Those were limited to 10,000 copies.  During the early 90’s having a card numbered to 10,000 was huge.  I think some collectors have become too attached to what the serial number is on the card.  People need to enjoy cards for their own reasons, not because there is a serial number on the back.  You can have the most ugly looking card in the world, but if its numbered 1/1 someone will pay out the you know what for it.

One Response

  1. I could care less if my card was numbered to 100 or 9999. As long as I like the card. Lower numbering is ALWAYS a plus, but theres no need to be bent out of shape if you pull a no name numbered to 999. I figure it this way. You pull your favorite players card numbered to 25. Its practically like pulling a card out of 9999, but it’s just a little different color.

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