Decided To Dig A Little Deeper

I decided to e-mail the seller of that Yogi Berra 1952 Bowman PSA MINT 9 baseball card to see if they could give me the PSA serial number so I could look it up.  They e-mailed back with this number: 31012159 

Looking that number up on PSA’s website takes me to a 1939 Play Ball Frenchy Bordagaray #75 graded a 7.  Thats just a little different than a 1952 Bowman Berra MINT 9.  This person is totally trying to scam people and hoping for somebody to place a bid for $10,000.00.  The serial number doesn’t even match up.  What an idiot.


I e-mailed them back letting them know the serial number was wrong.  They said sorry and gave me this number: 31044872

Checking the PSA database its a Dwyane Wade 2003 Topps Pristine basketball card graded a MINT 9.   

5 Responses

  1. Have you reported the auction to eBay yet? They will take it down in a heartbeat and ban the user.

  2. Nice. I wonder if he “inheritated” his idiocy from his grandfather as well.

  3. Yes, I did report it.

  4. Yup, eBay removed the item. Good job!

  5. Has anyone contacted it’s on there too!

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