Flashback Product of the Week: 2003 Fleer Hardball

You have to give it to Fleer for trying something different with this product.  Every card in the 2003 Fleer Hardball set is in the shape of a circle.  I actually really liked this product because of its unique design.  There are two memorabilia cards per box plus a ton of inserts.  Hardball didn’t last very long and Fleer didn’t make any other versions.  I would like to see more cards like this in today’s products.  I remember pulling a Nomar Garciaparra jersey from a few packs.


4 Responses

  1. These look cool, but the tough thing about oddly-shaped cards is that they’re tough to store.

  2. I actually pulled a Bonds auto of this product back then. What at one time could’ve been a sweet pull, I felt dirty just holding it.

  3. I got abot half of a box and pulled Mike Schmidt Round Numbers, Troy Glaus On the Ball, Al Kaline Round Numbers, and Lou Brock Round Numbers jerseys and I think the jerseys odds were 1 in 12 packs.

  4. This post is great, it’s exactly why baseball fans are the best in the world.

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