Tricky Lights

Refractors and parallels are an important aspect of the hobby today.  Having a parallel numbered 1/5 versus 1/500 can have a huge affect on the price tag.  If you plan to purchase one over the internet it is strongly advised that you get a scan of the back of the card.  Many sellers try and use lights to make the card look like a different color.  For example, if you turn a card a certain way it may change from a white color to a green.  This can happen a lot with card from the Leaf Certified Materials sets.  The card below is serial numbered to 100, but when you look at the picture, it has a green tint to it making collectors think that it is a Mirror Emerald insert numbered to 5.  

This can happen with a lot of products.  The color of a card can change with any chrome like card.  Bowman Chrome cards  can really look different when they are scanned.  Sometimes regular chrome cards can look blue and gold refractors can look orange.  If your not too sure about what color a card is, always ask for a picture of the back so you can make sure what the serial number really is.

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