Old School Break: 1990 Donruss Cello Pack

While I was putting away my base cards from my Gridiron Gear box today, I came across this sealed cello pack of 1990 Donruss baseball.  I thought, what the heck, lets take a trip back in time to when the card industry was at the high point of overproduction and bust it!

Bo Jackson Grand Slammers

Kevin Mitchell National League All Star

Bob Tewksbury

Gary Eave

Wade Boggs American League All Star

John Olerud – I think this is a rookie

Ozzie Smith National League All Star

Larry McWilliams

Benito Santiago National League All Star

Will Clark National League All Star

Greg Myers

Tony Gwynn National League All Star

Dave Justice

Dave Stewart American League All Star

Dave Johnson

Julio Franco

Checklist #700

George Canale

Steve Cummings

Mark McGwire American League All Star

Scott Lusader

Eric Davis National League All Star

Curt Ford – One for my Phillies collection

Jeff Huson

Ryne Sandberg National League All Star

Beau Allred

Chip Hale

Bernie Williams – I think this is a rookie too

Steve Lombardozzi

Tom Filer

Tim Jones

Ramon Martinez

Mariano Duncan

Kirby Pucket American League All Star

Xavier Hernandez

Tom Lawless

Bill Bathe

Gary Mielke

Goose Gossage

Denny Walling

Cal Ripken, Jr American League All Star

Ken Phelps 

Pedro Guerrero National League All Star

Ruben Sierra American League All Star

Calvin Schiraldi

John Wetteland

Tim Leary

Todd Stottlemyre

Bill Landrum

Curt Schilling

Ricky Horton

Nolan Ryan King of Kings

Alejandro Pena

Rick Reuschel

Clint Zavaras

Gary Pettis

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