Joe Paterno to appear in 2008 Topps Mayo’s Cut Plug Football

There will be a lot of college football collectors glad to read this.  While watching the preview for the new 2008 Topps Mayo’s Cut Plug football cards I saw an autographed card of legendary coach Joe Paterno.  To many football collectors this is a huge deal.  Joe Paterno has very little cards made of him and what cards are out there are just base.  It will be interesting to see what the print run is on his cards.  2008 Mayo’s Cut Plug football cards look like an interesting product to break.  Topps has even inserted a few original Cut Plug cards from the past.  It is due to be released this December.


I knew this wasn’t the first time a card company used the Mayo Cut Plug design.  Here is a Randy Moss insert from 2002 Gridiron Kings.

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