Upper Deck Prepares to Release ‘Presidential Lettermen’ Trading Cards of Barack Obama


Upper Deck Prepares to Release ‘Presidential Lettermen’ Trading Cards of Barack Obama

Exchange cards inserted in 2008 Upper Deck Icons Football will be good for one of these unique collectibles of President-Elect Obama 

North Las Vegas, NV (November 10, 2008) – With interest in collectibles of President Barack Obama on the rise, Upper Deck has elected to deliver some of the most compelling items to its collecting constituents. On the heels of announcing its special “Presidential Victor” card, Upper Deck is now proud to unveil “Presidential Lettermen” cards of Obama.

Exchange cards for a “Presidential Letterman” card were inserted randomly into 2008 Upper Deck Icons Football which released in late August. The cards could be redeemed for whichever candidate who won the election and now – after Obama made political history – collectors who have registered these cards with Upper Deck will be receiving a truly historic collectible.

Collectors who find multiple cards could eventually spell out either “OBAMA” or “PRESIDENT” or both. Since the election, exchange cards have been selling for anywhere from $50 to $100 per card at on-line auction sites. The completed cards should ship out in early January, shortly before Obama is sworn in. Collectors can find 2008 Upper Deck Icons Football in stores now.

About Upper Deck

 Upper Deck is a premier sports and entertainment publishing company which delivers a portfolio of relevant, innovative and multi-dimensional product experiences to collectors, sports and entertainment enthusiasts. For more information on Upper Deck and its products please visit www.upperdeck.com

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  1. I have been waiting since Jan , Feb , Mar , April , May & now it is past the middle of June , June , 19th to be exact & Upperdeck told me now the cards will be sent out at the end of the month . They can not say how many were produced , but they have said at the end of the month when I call every 30 days . If you read the thread above At http://www.sportscardinfo.wordpress.com upperdeck said the card would be out in Jan . I sent my card in last august . Who know’s ?????

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