Local Teacher Makes The Hall of Fame

This kinda has to do with sports cards, but I just found out that a local teacher at my old high school was inducted into the Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame.  His name is Harvey Edwards, an English teacher at Selinsgrove Area High School.  I remember him visiting the elementary schools when I was little and he would show a lot of different frisbee tricks.  I had no idea that there was an Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame.  I’m waiting for Topps to make an Allen & Ginter card of him.  Thats exactly where you would see a card of an Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Famer.  

Here is the Bio about him:

Harvey Edwards could be considered one of the first major athletes to compete and lend legitimacy to the sport as true athletic competition.  As a former Division 1 basketball player in college, Harvey added credibility to the sport.  Harvey was a founder, captain, and player for the Bucknell Mudsharks.  A peak performer for the Flying Circus for 4 years, Harvey was known as a great leaper; attempts to defend floaters to him in the end zone were fruitless efforts.  Harvey was renowned as a great spirit and exemplary sportsman; his play and person is widely respected.  Harvey played over the course of 3 decades and extended his career at WFDF with 3 Masters titles with the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove.Teams: Bucknell (’76-’78), Flying Circus (’79-’83), Boozy Idiots (’84-’90), Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove (’91-’95) 

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