Finished Going Through A Collection

Yesturday a friend of mine asked if I would go through a small collection they have had for a few years to see if they had anything good.  When I received the package there was a shoebox just full of cards from the 80’s and 90’s.  The corners were beat and some of the cards were even bent.  I went through the box and separated it by sports.  Getting closer to the bottom of the box, I discovered a handful of cards in top loaders.  As I started shifting though them I received a huge blast from the past of players that you rarely here about today.  I came across players such as Brian Bosworth, Heath Shuler, Rick Mirer, and even Ki-Jana Carter.  Throughout all of these players of the past, I did find a few cards that are nice, but small, additions to a card collection.  There are a few Kerry Collins, Drew Bledsoe, and Chris Webber rookies.  The best card in the whole box in my opinion would be the 1989 Pro Set Troy Aikman rookie card.  The most interesting item in the box was a sealed pack of 1991 Pro Set Series II football cards.  The owner of the box asked if there was anything worth trying to sell and I said no.  The cards from that time period were so overproduced the value just goes through the floor.

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