“No Auto”

“No Auto”, these are two words that surround the sports card category on eBay and can get really annoying.  Have you ever noticed them?  The sellers claim that they put those words on the title to better describe the card, but I think they have a different reason.  They are hoping that when you search for a card with the keyword “auto” in it, their card will popup and therefore receive more bids.  It is a loophole that has been around for awhile.  Recently there was a Felix Jones 2008 Upper Deck Icons RC up for sale which was not autographed, it was just the base rookie.  That card usually sells for a few dollars, not very much at all, but the seller put the words “no auto” in the title, and the card ended up selling for over $10.00.  I don’t know why anyone would spend more on a card just because of the keywords used in the title.  There were tons of other Upper Deck Icons rookie cards of Felix Jones that were up for sale at the same time and didn’t sell for that much.  I really wish somebody could explain why people do this?  Maybe its just a strange phenomenon that will never go away.

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