What was your first box break?

Do you remember your first box that you ever opened?  Mine was a box of 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice baseball cards.  Up until that point I hand only opened single packs, but I received a sealed box as a gift and couldn’t wait to open it.  I completed the entire All-Star insert set and pulled a Cal Ripken, Jr Frontiers insert card.  At that time I went by “book value” and couldn’t believe that the Ripken was worth $40.00 which was the value of the whole All-Star set.  After the whole box break was over, there was one card that stood out to me.  It was a bobblehead card of Scott Rolen.  Have you ever seen these?  If you pop out the pieces you can create your own bobblehead.  I kept my Rolen together and still have it to this day.  I don’t think these bobblehead cards were inserted ever again, but they make for an interesting conversation piece.

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  1. I’m pretty sure it was 1990 Donruss… back in 1990, when you had to pay actual money for them. 😦

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