The National Sports Card Hall of Fame & Museum

I believe there should be a National Sports Card Hall of Fame & Museum.  There are a lot of wealthy people in this country that collect sports memorabilia and put it on display, but I’m talking about a designated Hall of Fame for collectors and cards.  Every year some of the best card bloggers and collectors could vote on which cards would be inducted.  Perhaps at “The National” collectors could cast their vote to which cards get inducted each year.  I would like to see this Hall of Fame be an actual building, not just in an online format.  Just like other HOF’s, artifacts could be donated from collectors.  Imagine walking into a room much like the room at the Baseball Hall of Fame, but instead of seeing plaques you see some of the finest sports cards in the world.  Collectors could be inducted as well.  There are a ton of old collectors that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame because of their great collections they started before there was even a market for cards.  Can you think of the gift shop?  It could be its own card shop packed with singles and boxes.  The idea of a National Sports Card Hall of Fame & Museum is an interesting concept, and I would like to know what other collectors think.


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  1. The card companies would be the ones to do it because they have the resources and the most to gain – of course they would mess it up due to petty grievances.

    The biggest issue I would see is that the small format of the baseball card does not lend itself to being the feature item for display in a museum.

  2. A couple of years ago, Beckett had a “Baseball Card Hall of Fame.” The plans was to “induct” a new class each year, but they never followed up on it.

  3. I remember the Beckett virtual HOF too.

    I’d like to see the baseball HOF do something with this. Obviously there other sports cards, but it starting with baseball would be a logical place.

  4. Hey, I refered to your idea on my blog and got an email from the Baseball HOF. They do have a small wing dedicated to baseball cards… probably not exacctly what we’re looking for, but it’s something.

  5. I remember Beckett’s virtual HOF too. I have been to the baseball HOF two times and have seen their collection. They have cards from the 1800’s to the early 90’s when everything was overproduced. They have a good start, but there is a lot more that could be done with cards. Did you e-mail the HOF or did they see your post?

  6. I emailed the HOF w/a link to the post. They emailed me back with the information. It was a quick response . . . within an hour or so. I emailed Eric @ Beckett today.

  7. That was fantastic idea!! that would be so exciting and every one for sure will participate. 😉

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