Flashback Product of the Week: 2003 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia


2003 wasn’t the first year Playoff Absolute was introduced to the hobby, but it did contain something a little unusual.  Every box contained an etched piece of glass featuring a player, and two mini boxes with a memorabilia card in each box.  On the base where the glass would sit, there would be the serial number, relic and/or autograph.  I know there are a lot of colletors, including myself, that love Donruss/Playoff products, and would like to see them make more baseball stuff, but I think this is one idea to be left go.  In my opinion, the etched glass pieces were not that eye appealing.  The bases didn’t really standout like I think they should have.  2003 was the first and last year Donruss/Playoff created these pieces.  They were made for baseball and football.  If they want to use glass in a product, perhaps they should make the cards of glass.


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