A Christmas Story

About two years ago my parents wanted me to put together a Christmas list.  On the list I put a few packs and boxes of products that I was interested in.  Just for the heck of it I put a box of 2006 Topps Sterling on it, not expecting to get a box because our two local card shops usually don’t carry something with that kind of price tag.  When Christmas morning came I received a lot of great gifts incluing a Jim Brown / Barry Sanders / Walter Payton Triple Jersey #’ed/50, but the last gift was a little heavy.  As I ripped off the paper and looked at the box, it said 2006 Topps Sterling Baseball.  I was so happy to have received that box.  I quickly went over to the kitchen table and dove into it hoping to have a good box.  When I lifted the lid and removed the Mystery Pack I saw the words “Barry Bonds” on the wooden box.  I opened the box to see a Barry Bonds base card #’ed/250, beneath that I received another base #’ed/250, and finally the moment had arrived.  I looked down to see a Barry Bonds 2006 Topps Sterling Quad Memorabilia Autographed card serial numbered 1/1.  I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself.  I ended up selling the Bonds card about 8 months later the week he broke Hank Aaron’s homerun record.  One of our local shops purchased only 1 box to sell in their shop.  In my opinion, I think that 2006 was the best year for Topps Sterling.  All of the autographs were on-card, and the checklist only contained players that were retired and/or in the Hall of Fame.   That was one Christmas I will never forget.


3 Responses

  1. that’s a very nice looking card. how much did it end up selling for?

  2. Wow – Great Christmas gift. I used to ask for that stuff every year… I usually ended up with a Beckett magazin though!

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