I Won!

Earlier today I got a phone call from Shaffer’s Trading Cards, which is one of the best sports card shops in central Pennsylvania.  They wanted to let me know that I had won the weekly drawing for a gift bag full of stuff from the shop.  When I got there they gave me a big bag full of stuff including packs, posters, toys, clothing, team sets and autographs.  Last weekend when I was at the shop to purchase some supplies, they entered my name into the drawing and I didn’t even know it.  Since I won this week, I was entered into the larger drawing where the winner gets to meet an athlete.  Out of the packs and team sets I pulled rookies of Reggie Bush, Adrian Peterson, Darren McFadden, and Joe Flacco.  It was really fun busting packs of 1987 Fleer Live Action Football and 1988 Topps Football.  Included in the bag was a 2005 Topps Chrome Football box topper where I pulled a Heath Miller Auto RC Xfractor #’ed/399.  I also received a Gladiator Action Figure of Steven Jackson which I think is really cool and have sitting on my desk.  Finally the last thing in the bag was a certified autographed card of LaMarr Woodley.  Thanks Shaffer’s Trading Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. Way cool. Congrats!! What a great store. trying get that service from an online dealer. This is a classic example of why brick and morter shops HAVE TO survive. Merry Christmas to you eh?

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